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Our Services


When you partner with the RAWK FILMS production team,
we will walk you through a comprehensive
process designed to identify and meet
your needs.

Development ⸺

Our production team will work with you to identify the story, tone & look and the feel of the film.

Pre-Production ⸺

Based on the idea development, we will begin Pre-Production on the agreed upon video services.

Your Goal is Our Achievement.

Our Creative Film Production Services provide immersive experiences that represent the brand’s objectives and values.

Production ⸺

Once all arrangements have been made, our Production begin on the agreed days.

Post Production ⸺

All production wraps, we will begin editing together clips, sounds, graphics as needed to screen a Rough Cut. Collecting feedback, take revisions, and final refinements will be made the video to deliver the Final Cut.

Distribution ⸺

Beyond the Final Cut, we distribute the film.
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We give value with stories to encourage action through film and photo production
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